Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3 Word Wenesday

You shock me at times
my diviant friend
who walks a minuscule line
between truth and fantasy
like a trapeze artist
balancing yourself all ways.
Working endlessly to avoid
the trivial and mundane.


  1. don't we all know people like this.sometimes there are the funnest people to hang around with.

  2. Walking the line between truth and fantasy - I pretty much ignore that line when I write and wish I could in the "real" world.

  3. Maybe it is harder to watch a person walking a fine line than being that trapeze artist..great write..Jae

  4. Phew, I do like the way you got that fine line in to this piece!

  5. We mostly all do walk a fine line some of the time, don't we? Great use of the prompt :)

  6. This sounds exactly like my sister. Excellent character portrait and superb poem.

  7. Wow!!..I really loved this...Very thoughtful...:)
    I wrote a similar kind on this topic before..
    Please check it if you get time :)

  8. ohh this is really really nice! I love the way it came together so quickly and with so few words.