Thursday, April 7, 2016

An Innocuous Box

(for Terry)

An innocuous box
arrived by the post
mysteries are welcome
this one from the coast

My daughter's name
as sender on surface
an unexpected missive
what could be its purpose?

The unwrapping happened
as quick as a wink
a box of cigars
now that made me blink

What was she thinking?
I quit years ago
to start up again
would make me a schmo

I opened the box
and nestled inside
something so special
I chuckled and sighed

A sweet little bracelet
so delicate and glowing
such a surprise
my heart's overflowing

How clever she was
a twist to cause shock
to deliver Pandora
in an innocuous box


from Susie,

Bits of Inspiration ~ Bracelet ~

 ~ Day 7


  1. Awwwww! How fun! I love that last stanza, especially. This bracelet of rhymes falls beautifully.

  2. Loving that box, Linda. I knew right away that it was a cigar box. My younger daughter brings me/us things, the older we struggle to keep in touch. It helps with the younger a ten minute walk away.

  3. I love it... Pandora's box can be a treat indeed.... the wonder of those gifts and surprises. Close but no cigar..

  4. Lovely :D how I love this poem!!

  5. Oh I love this..Your ending was fantastic!! Such a gorgeous "Pandora" in an innocuous box. Thanks for writing and sharing in the garden!!

  6. Aw! Very cute. Those cigar boxes do come in handy for random treasures.

  7. I love the whimsy in the packaging. Smiles.

  8. Nice twist on the idea of Pandora's box!