Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What to do?

I’ve walked this
street one hundred
times before
breathed deeply
the scent of cherry
blossoms in spring,
the cool fall breeze
has caressed my skin
as fallen leaves rustled
at my feet.
Through winter wonderlands
and summer heat, sultry and
I have walked here

Then  I met you,
a chance encounter
you were lost, walking down
the wrong street, looking for
the wrong house, not my house;
You smiled at me, reached out
and touched my arm;
Destiny sang, karmic, cosmic,
coincidences collided in colours

of every hue
What to do?

What to do?


Day 26


  1. For heavens sake..it's obvious,just do it ! :) Enjoyed this poem.

  2. I love this serendipity walk. :)

  3. Such meetings seem to be written in the stars - intuition is all.

  4. Destiny sang, karmic, cosmic,
    coincidences collided in colours..

    Such beautiful lines..!

  5. Sometimes I have always wondered if the human race would even survive without those chance encounters...

  6. I like the disruption of the ordinary by a magical moment. I think many of us are also blindsided when the perfect situation comes along in an otherwise ordinary day.

  7. Love the way this moment is conveyed... pure serendipity which is yet to show its true colors. I do wonder what the speaker will do.

  8. I think you know what to do. Great write!!