Sunday, February 26, 2017


"You look young for your age"
he says and
She laughs out loud
and says
"not really"
and then he wonders
what she means and
he's not sure now
if they should meet
after all
but if he says so
what will his excuse be?
since he's been acting
so eager
and then she says
"are you there?"
and he says
how about the Sylvia
on Sunday
at three"


Written as a bit of fun for

Prompt Nights – Come chase oh fleeting thoughts of the moment – [42]

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Tenderness is a lie,
compassion folly,
intimacy a pretender
stealing the night
creating fantasies
dreams with rude
One day all will be lost
secrets revealed
I don't believe her
I am beyond doubt
I know his tenderness
is true
His compassion
Our intimacies
that steal the night
our dreams
Written for

Friday, February 3, 2017

Up in the Morning

"Up in the morning's no for me
up in the morning early"
If I'm disturbed before 'tis noon
you're sure to find me surly

I am nocturnal in my soul
don't miss the sun arising
I spend my eves with muse and pen
which isn't so surprising

I love to sit and watch the stars
the constellations shining
I lose myself in thoughts of love
for which my heart is pining

So leave me to  my late night play
no "up in the morning early"
If I'm disturbed before 'tis noon
You're sure to find me surly


Inspired by the poem
Up in the Morning Early - Robert Burns
and written for