Striker - Haiku


Found a letter here
from long, long ago, it seems,
Oh how my heart ached.

Footsteps mean so much
when etched before my eyes,
alone again, yet safe.

The fan rattles on,
the air limps around,
crawling through the door


Golden striped ceiling

dark around the exterior

golden orb rising.

Sat in silence
thinking of past adventures
awaiting thermals. 

Fence sitting early
another golden dawning

heading home in awe.

Through the windows, see
old and new mixed together,
All gardens look the same.

The above came from a comment a neighbour mentioned when we had our new home built in the UK, many, many, years ago:-) 

Angles mean so much, 
life and death, we pass through both,
Life's like that 


It's a lonely road,

that always leads nowhere, When does one arrive?

Wandering clouds,
diving to cover, strikes,
desert flowers ready.

Speeding fishes,
get a tow to port,
sudden stop, expires.

Eternal travellers
seen each day by all,
eos, Aurora rule.


(a tribute to Chinese Poet
Li Po).

These poems were inspired by

Basho's books.

The boat of old age,
an ascetic, temporal life, 
reborn each day.


Basin made by a 
thousand stones, regal beauty,
rainbow through water.



Line astern they go,
bow wave spreads across;
Mother, father and three.

White covered lake,
slowly rotating currents,
Cherry blossom trees.

Bent over weeping,
old and ragged feet;
Willows over water.


Wet flowers, raindrops,
Crocus peeping through, so hard;
bright colours in snow.

Drip, drip, drip outside,
10 metre dive into small pool,
accepted by all within.


Home as you make it,
Warm and cuddly for all;
mums in the warren.


Flying through the air,
With ease and power to spare;
Hitting the bullseye.

Cardboard in winter,
sheltered doorways are magic;
aircons exhale warmth.


Sweet roses blooming,
for you and I dear friend,
Always side by side

Nightime comes again.
a day of toil or other work;
a time to dream of you.

I see the Empress
what does she augur for me?
Bowing at the knee? 
Ice on the bamboo
 black and cold is the day
 where is the midnight sun now?

 Listening in the bar
 a buzz of conversation
 then a hush.. po-lice

 Music in the night
 birds on the wing, the galahs
 last call of the day

So lonely am I
here and now..without you..fear
another lonely night

Will we meet again
in that far off land beyond



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