Saturday, February 25, 2012

Food for Thought

Day #26 - 2012 Haiku Challenge - Theme - Food for Thought

Poverty and pain
Beside blissful abundance
So does the world turn

See children suffer
See a child of abundance
Food for thought

Opposites attract
Compassion we can measure
Ignorance abounds



  1. Well done. The words you have used have really painted the image. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your set of haiku very nicely painted this sad reality of life.

    Honestly speaking though, I'm getting depressed reading today's haiku based on the sadness depicted.

  3. This is a sad prompt picture...very meaningful take on life of poverty versus child of abundance in rich countries ~

  4. Poignant set ... nicely done.

    I did not have the "heart" to go with the realism of either image today here is my lighter Day 26.

    BTW - your link in the entries is not working. I used the link from the comment section to get here. May want to resubmit, unless SiS fixes it. I left a note to him about it.

  5. It's the opposites in this life that disturb me the most...

    Instead of Food

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  6. Yeah, ignorance abounds - such a good way to sum this up!!