Monday, February 27, 2012


Day #28 - 2012 Haiku Challenge
Theme or Word: YOUR BLOG NAME
STACTE - (Old Testament) one of several sweet-smelling spices used in incense
FORM: Free Choice - I chose - Villanelle
Photograph compliments of

Stacte, sweet spice for writing be
My stimulus for sharing thought
My muse I share with those who see

Making incense of my words is key
So many themes, no stopper's knot
Stacte, sweet spice for writing be

Words to drink like fine chablis
and some with love and danger frought
My muse I share with those who see

I make no promise but yet may plea
for other creations I have wrought
Stacte, sweet spice for writing be

Not all who visit will agree
with each message you have brought
My muse I share with those who see

So then this blog is now set free
and thus, my stewing pepper pot,
Stacte, sweet spice for writing be
My muse I share with those who see

Stacte, the sweet spice
awakens my latent muse
infusing Haiku

2012 Haiku Challenge


  1. Very nice poetry form...I like the repetitive lines specially sweet spice for writing be ~

    You can still add a haiku poem :-)

  2. Love your villanelle. Describes your blog so well.

  3. wonderful effort to write such a good Villanelle.


  4. I have never written a vilanelle. You have inspired me with yours. Thank you for your very nice comments. Much appreciated

  5. This is one Lovely Villanelle!
    Thank you for introducing the word 'Stacte'

    'Making incense of my words is key
    So many themes, no stopper's knot
    Stacte, sweet spice for writing be'

    I'm happy to read you villanelle and your muse. :)
    Thank you,Ellecee

  6. Thanks ..this is very expressive and beautifully done..

  7. Villanelle????? Never heard of, but it looks great. Thank you for sharing this one for day 28.

  8. Wonderfully written --

    I was not aware Stacte - was a spice. Thank you for my lesson for the day ~~ Here is my Day 28.