Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3 Word Wednesday

Baffle, Elegant, Negate

You are a sweet prince of poetry whose elegant words enchant me. I am drawn into your realm. I come willingly bearing my own small gifts in return for such sweet promises. I am overwhelmed by it all.
Soon though you begin to confuse and baffle me. For the more I draw near to you the further you retreat. Thus you negate the wonder of it all and leave me alone and unconsoled.

To negate our love
You baffle me with silence
No elegant words


  1. The haiku was a wonderful ending..crisply written..conveys the harshness of an unreturned word..Jae

  2. Well put!
    Love the use of the words.

  3. Very cleverly done! In so few words you painted the whole picture, using the wordle words successfully.

  4. Elegant or not
    Words can baffle you senseless
    Negate is age ten

  5. Yes, the push and the pull-away
    of some lovers - well put.

  6. You've woven a riveting tale with just a handful of words. Well done!

    My 3-Word Wednesday

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  7. Beautiful. Maybe they'll get it together soon.

  8. Nice Haiku. Silence is deafening sometimes, wish they would say even a few words than silence.

  9. As always Ellecee your words bring back so many memories:-)