Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Three Word Wednesday - March 21

3 Word Wednesday

Amateur, Diligent, Nurture

An amateur at love, she seeks for him but falls short of cupid's arrow piercing her heart. Though she forges a diligent quest she somehow fails to nurture the necessary seed. She knows there are tricks, nuances of behaviour, and special words to be used. Perhaps she thinks to much and feels to little. She isn't desperate after all.  She feels that she dare not give up. She must move forward in the hope of future fruition. One day with continued care and due diligence she will find her love.

She nurtures her dream
forges her diligent quest
Amateur at love


  1. The story and the haiku work perfectly together in this post flows naturally and really draws the reader in..having a dream is always fruitful..Jae

  2. ah but the most amateur at love sometimes wins the greatest prize.

  3. That is the spirit, I am sure with that you can't fail. Whoever is true in love shouldn't fear, only those with falsehood should be afraid of the consequences.

  4. Nurturing diligently is what it is all about..this Love.. I enjoyed it..

  5. I like the prose and the poem. You need to make this part:

    Perhaps she thinks too much and feels too little.

    Nice job.

  6. She loves him alone
    The diligent amateur
    She will nurture him

  7. I like this write and prose very well done.

  8. Be careful for what you wish. Enjoyed this.