Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boys to Men

Boys to men
is history
but when this takes place
is a mystery

When he turns from
toy pistols and tiny cars
and takes up automatic rifles
and sends missiles to the stars

He runs away from girls,
is nervous and blushes
but before very long
he's number one with the rushes

He dreams of power
perhaps money and fame,
he's a little shocked to discover
how it's all such a game

But he plays it well
'cause that's what "men" do
he may never let on
that he's sensitive too

Like the smell of a battlefield
makes him so sick
but a toke or a rum
gets rid of that quick

Falling in love is a
short trip to bliss
But hold onto your head man
you can't live on this

He's got his priorities
lined up in a row
He knows for sure where
he's got to go

Boys to men
is history
But when this takes place
is a mystery


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