Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Cup of Tea

"When you serve tea to your guests, you should simply serve tea from your heart, and think about
 nothing more. "

When the door bell chimed
my Mother invariably put
a kettle on

Rushing to the door
she would say
"come in" come in"
" have tea" have tea"

To her a cup of tea
soothed all ills,
enhanced everything

Sipping tea at the kitchen table
most tongues loosened
grievances were aired
confessions made

My Mother
mostly silent
would listen to all
hear all
bear all

her modest ceremony


The Way of Tea

Day 27


  1. Love love LOVE the idea of tea loosing tongues, in friendship. How wonderful.

  2. This sound as the best tea-ceremony ever... the listen to it all.. exactly what is needed.

  3. I like this image of your mother as high priestess and mother confessor to those who needed her. A really nifty slice of life comes through in this.

  4. A tea soother. I already love her. I see her nodding her wisdom, gently patting shoulders, offering tissue to soak tears, smiling at all the right places... and pouring tea from her heart.

  5. This is so special. The part that gets me is her full act of listening...comforting indeed. So beautifully gathered.

  6. My Mum and her friends and sisters were like that. :-)

  7. Oh my, what a heart felt giving of one's self. Tea, listening and comforting..

  8. How lovely - i think a cup of tea and a kind, listening ear is a cure for many ills..