Sunday, April 15, 2018

No Can Do

"I love her with my soul and body,
If you fall in with such a lady,
Read it, and give it her to sing."

 From: The Ballad Of Villon And Fat Madge - Poem by François Villon

Should I give this, thus, my ladylove to sing
as example of our passion tried and true
A stern reaction this would surely bring
in innocence such thoughts she never knew
She might well think my character askew
that I would offer such a raunchy thing
For this love of mine is not simply a fling
or some rakish and befuddling coup
And so, I, to save my lady’s love, must fling
this bunkum to the side and start anew


Inspired by today's prompt from

imaginary garden with real toads



  1. Ah yes.. love can be tricky as can wooing the beloved. We never know what goes on in their heads!💜

  2. Nice one LC.quote and poem nicely wrought. Thank you for taking part in today's prompt


  3. He sounds willing to do what needs to be done. Starting anew is never easy! Let's hope she believes him.

  4. A good one. perhaps starting anew would be the safest best. Loved it!

  5. Great! Starting anew seems the best.

  6. Reading Fat Madge was hard, I wouldn't give it to just anyone. But I think this rings true for many, many couples. Starting anew? Lots to think about there. I've done it and it turned out good. The first was okay with me but my ex found someone more exciting.

  7. Loved it. Bunkum. Such a good word.

  8. Fun, and quite in the spirit of Villon (if less extreme).