Sunday, April 8, 2018


A L’Arora  (a poetry form)

(dedicated to Adeline)

She is old and can no longer deny
the passage of time
 having its affect
At night visitors stand
at the foot of her bed
She blinks to force them to fade

but gloating they remain
reprehensible and staid

She is blessed with a family who cares
Her daughters visit every week,
sons dutiful as well
Her sister wants to comfort,
without patronizing but
with a loving heart

all dreading this quickening
of the day they are to part

Then one day, a gift,
a son has ferreted to find
Poems dedicated to his mother
When she was only 17
A young woman on the brink of life
A friendship gay and fleeting

but to the young poet
a blessed aesthetic meeting

This book brought her unexpected joy
Seventy years have passed before
And yet this gift brings back
all her years, intertwining,
a mosaic – her life – a beautiful design
laid out before her, so strong

Restored from within
Nothing gone


Crafted according to today's prompt from

imaginary garden with real toads



  1. Oh Linda, this is such a beautiful tribute to Adeline!💜 I love the tenderness with which your A L' Arora is penned.💜

  2. "Restored from within. Nothing gone." How very beautiful this is, this gift of memory at the end of life. Glorious.

  3. Ah. This reminds me so much of my mother who died in June from complications of Alzheimers and congestive heart failure. She was always seeing my father, her mother or her father and talking to them, before she became non-verbal.

  4. Can imagine how the old age brings, it's own set of issues. You took through different emotions, perfectly. And, the closing lines, restored the hope.

  5. A reminder that we each still contain all of our past selves ...

  6. I am treading lightly here, L.C. I like your poem, aging takes it toll. I was wondering about the "Seventy years", I think we add that to the 17? That would make her 87, old in my book.
    p.s. I'm almost old myself, won't tell my age. We/I have five kids, six grandkids, four greatgrandkids, and a great great-granddaughter due May 2.

    1. Hi Jim, you are right in your estimation, Adeline will be 87 the middle of this month. I have friends who are older and active but due to many issues, she has not faired as well. Although I don’t know if she would appreciate this personal poem.
      It sounds like you have a wonderful family too, lots of love and joy there :-) Many happy returns to come I’m sure.

  7. Oh, what a wonderful story, movingly told.

  8. Thank you all for your special comments on this post, it was very personal write for me.

  9. Truly makes me realize how important it is to care fore keepsakes - I hope this is a true story - that she found great comfort from the past!

    1. Yes, it is a true story, Margaret. Her joy was my inspiration,, Thank you