Tuesday, April 10, 2018

This Kiss

"Take this kiss upon the brow"
sweet tenderness to me allow
for you are all of life to me
I pray unending love can be

your gentleness and kindness show
you might accept me as your beau
if I stay honest, clear and true
in all my promises to you

if you to "thine own self be true"
never giving up your point of view
for these, your ways, I hold divine
wishing only to blend with mine

that we can share a life worth living
with mutual respect and all that's giving
what more could we then ask for us
that what we share be ever thus

"take this kiss upon the brow"
 accept my true and fervent vow
that I will hold you dear to me
for all of our eternity


Inspired by the first line of

Edgar Allen Poe's poem
A Dream within a Dream

and today's challenge from

imaginary garden with real toads



  1. I like that this reads like a dance between a prayer and a lesson...

  2. This is very beautiful - offering the trueness of one's heart and devotion. Lovely.

  3. I love the language, of a past era – and what a paragon he sounds, with an offer of equal respect rare even in these days.

  4. Lovely words of love - true love is a wonderful thing.
    Anna :o]

  5. This is a lovely poem and pledge of love and true loyalty. If only we could all love this way, or have someone pledge this to us.

  6. You did a FABULOUS job with the rhyme scheme!

  7. Mutual respect.. yes, that's the thing!

  8. This is beyond breathtaking!!💜💜

  9. Ah, Perfect ! That's how it should be ...beautiful.

  10. Romantic and I bow to your fine use of rhyme!

  11. Excellent! That is my favorite poem of his.

  12. Promises are easy to make, often hard to keep. I enjoyed reading your poem.

  13. You couldn't find a better sourse of inspiration than Mr. Poe. Although he is much better known today for his detective and horror stories, he considered himself a poet first, and with good reason.

    I want to thank you for all of your very kind comments at my blog. I appreciate them!