Saturday, June 30, 2012


(In memory of Lillian/alias Marie)

Who will unravel me
when I have slipped past
 this plane of
into some other realm
possibly more benevolent.

Who will sort out the closets,
drawers, jewelry boxes,
giving away to dumpsters, charities,
and sometime friends

Who will read the poetry, the diaries,
view the boxes of photos, the albums,
a lifetime of stories written down
and committ all to the fire barrel
in the back garden

And who will, after having moved through
this process
with some angst, boredom, frustration,
and possible moments of shame,

know me?


(revised for HP)

The spaces left by
things lost, sold, removed,
stand out in stark reality
against the old backdrop
that now seems barren,
bereft of colour, sound, and
The chair he sits on is an
island in this sea
of emptiness.
An aura remains
like a shadow in
reflected light,
now there, now not.
He breathes in these small
remaining remnants
He closes his eyes,
opens them again,
and sighs
This view, this sensation
is already fading, moving,
something new

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Three Word Wednesday

Fog, Struggle, Lenient

I struggle to see
what lenient means in love
My mind in a fog