Saturday, October 6, 2012

Winter Olympics

Too high to see anyone
and talk about the winter
olympics or how much
snow has fallen in the
Maritimes this year

So she sits at the sports bar
and drinks Guinness
She relaxes and lets her mind
trace outlines throughout
her body encircling the
places where her senses
have come alive again.
She waits for the old, resurfaced,
needs to subside

It’s an effort not to cry
the tears are right
there, She can feel her
eyes coated with moisture
The bar maid must be
thinking, “she’s high on

Or maybe just pathetic
and too old for this sort of
nonsense, she probably
thinks, “it will never
happen to me”

As if passion stops at
55, punch the time clock
and your card’s rejected, no
overtime allowed.

The second Guinness helps
She starts to watch the big screen
Olympic snowboarding
Wow, would you look at
that! He lifts off, spins in
the air, lands dead on and
finishes with a flourish,
snow flying around his feet

38.9 seconds
Is that a record, do you think?


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