Monday, January 7, 2013

Alas! he was the one!

Alas! he was the one
Who came when loss had just begun
He filled the gaps with sweet refrains
Made flowers out of dead remains
We laughed and cried and sang of love
I the hand and he the glove
I sprouted wings and flew so high
There was nothing I wouldn’t try
And then one day he went away
Leaving me in disarray
I was crippled, I fell to earth,
Questioned daily what it was worth
I settled for memories as the prize
That only he could realize
Alas! he was the one
My helpless heart could not outrun.

Note: This poem was written in March last year in response to a challenge given by Leo of "I Rhyme Without Reason" on his Facebook pages. 


  1. "I the hand and he the glove" - your lines are always so mesmerizing :-)

  2. Thank you so much GS, I always appreciate your comments,,,,