Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day


How sweet these moments in nature be
that give such pleasure to you and me
In the rush and energy of daily life
they allow us respite from any strife
or simply show us nature's beauty
during moments we are spared from duty

be it swan families walking in a row
 a mother duck swimming with babies in tow
flowers growing by a lane
watching birds through the window pane
feeling the earth breathe under bare feet
eating wild strawberries for a treat

a special gift to have the chance
to feel sweet moments of
life's romance.


NaPoWriMo #21
Shared with Imaginary Garden with Real Toads
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  1. You have Ladyslippers growing there between the Goutweed? Drool.
    That is one of Earth's ultimate gifts.

  2. is all about the simple daily pleasures the earth offers easy to overlook and forget..i love the strawberries tucked in there..made me smell and taste them all at once..and then :)

  3. This has a charming classical feel to it - very lyrical.

  4. A beautiful photograph...Your poem is full of things we should never miss and especially on this day dedicated to the earth. :)

  5. A very sweet and hopeful poem!

  6. Isn't it nice to be able to enjoy the "sweet moments of life's romance?" Image after image of our sweet earth.

    I also enjoyed the "mother duck swimming with babies in tow." That reminded me of the day when a mother armadillo and her four babies invaded our flower bed. Mrs. Jim tried to frighten them away but only the mother ran. Evidently she came back later and rounded up her babies.

  7. a romance indeed and I appreciated the rhyme!

  8. Oh, lovely, but I remember...long ago, and far away, and buttercups.

  9. Really nice to have this. These days it's so easy to be down on mother earth.

  10. Amen to Nature and her wonderful gifts

  11. These are the small moments that bring great joy. You have captured them well.

  12. These moments should be savored. But we have learnt to ignore them nowadays !!!

  13. Ahh! Loved the way you described the beauty of nature! Lyrical!

  14. Beautiful. Nature can have a calming effect when so much seems wrong with the world.

  15. omgosh - my comments keep flying away - love the gentle cadence of this poem.