Monday, April 25, 2016

First Life

From city to seaside
the youngest of 12
Often lost in the menagerie
Pleased when alone
Unnoticed if well behaved
brought down heavily when
Our Mother with to many chores
to be caught
and a father who almost lost
himself in wars
And yet
friends were fed tomato soup
and grilled cheese
Then left alone to our gossip
and giggles;
Then too
the smell of baked bread
chicken on Sunday
cream of wheat
Star fish on the beach
high tides and sand fleas
follow the rule

"out of the house by 16"

No exceptions
face forward
life number two


Imaginery Garden with Real Toads

Real Toads  ~ Where do I Come From?

Day 25


  1. Whew. This is filled with sorrow, sadness, beauty, hope. And your title is perfect.

  2. That final rule really came as a slap... sounds almost unbelievable for me. To build a life of your own at 16.... the childhood sounded like it was filled with both sweetness and hardships.. (it felt a little bit like a faded postcard)

  3. Oh so young. Love the tides and sand-fleas!

  4. Sounds like there was a certain pattern that needed to be followed in your growing up days. Love the dramatic final thought that there was a second life waiting for you - like an alternative.

  5. Very nice response Ellecee
    Have a good Monday

    much love...

  6. Oh my, what a large family. Grilled cheese and tomato soup were my staples too. Sixteen, so young.. Thanks so much for sharing your roots and writing for the prompt!!

  7. Such a beautifully heartfelt write..! Big hugs.

    Lots of love,