Friday, April 8, 2016


Who's heart is it anyway?
that lives to breath another day
and somehow finds another course
with out succumbing to remorse

To grow compassion without fight
does love conquer the swords of might?
or naivety cloud the mind?
so other's plights leave us blind

Is that sword mightier than the fist?
or can we find another twist
a way to serve by standing by
to pick up survivors on the fly

Lay down the anger and the angst
the confusion between for and against
which twists and turns in every case
and friends take on the enemy's face

She'll wait and watch and surely see
the meaning of her discovery
and take her stand by peaceful means
to rectify ill begotten schemes


a prompt from Sherry today
Our challenge:  write about women's
 freedom in any way that is relevant to you.

Day 8


  1. The two lines that stand out for me are "to grow compassion without fight" and "take her stand by peaceful means." Very nice rhyme and metre in this poem, and of course a wonderful message!

  2. This is absolutely incredible :D

  3. I wish I could be more like the woman you describe.

  4. Powerful rhythm with your rhyme here. Well done.

  5. I like this, the rhyming is super. The last stanza is wonderful.

  6. Terrible when friends take on the enemy's face. Great rhyme, thanks. k.

  7. Yes indeed – how to find a strength which is of woman? (Not merely aping man.)

  8. I say get rid of those fists and swords..

  9. Love how your poem suggests that a woman's strength is not all about fighting with fists, but takes a stand by peaceful means. Great.