Monday, May 30, 2016

Nellie's Dream

When Nellie was a young girl she loved to visit the rose arbor in her grandmother's garden. She would sit quietly amidst the sweet fragrant flowers and imagine herself grown and beautiful. Her folded parasol beside her, her gloves folded in her lap, the tiny toes of her laced boots showing from beneath her long skirt. He would walk up the path, so handsome in his riding clothes, and sit down beside her on the bench, accepting her extended hand and gently kissing  the tips of her fingers.

Scent of seduction
Creating dreams within dreams
Power of roses


A haibun
Inspired by a sneak peak
from Sanaa for Prompt Nights
on FaceBook

Sunday, May 29, 2016


At last
The storm is spent
The thunder and lightning 
I walk out
into a fine summer rain
that feels warm on my face
like tears shed 
during storms of
another kind


Inspired by