Saturday, June 25, 2016


Surrounded by the mist of morning
I sit on deck of the "Matthew"
sipping coffee from a tin mug
wrapped in a hand towel to
protect my hands from burning
but thin enough for me to feel
the heat penetrating to the palms
of my hands
I hear the sound of small splashes
as the early birds dive beneath the
bay's surface for their morning meal
and once in awhile their muffled
messages reach me
sweet sounds in the mist
As the boat rocks me like a cradle
I am at peace and unhurried
Until the sun burns away our cover
the bay, the "Matthew", the birds
and me
are content
to be


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Prompt Nights – Summer sets upon earth’s bosom bare –

Monday, June 20, 2016

Rest in Dreams

I rest in dreams
sleep interrupted
by other lives
Sometimes drifting in the ocean
floating calmly on an endless sea
Sometimes lovers catch me out
oh the bliss of limbs entwined
wanton and careless
unmindful of care
Nightmares too
An angry sea engulfs me
carries me away against my will
Yet somewhere in my heart I know
this too, 
a temporary life
and I will be
let go


for Prompt Nights

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Moon Walk

We walk the summer path, hand in hand. The moon is full; it's ancient face peers down at us. Watching. The field around us is luminescent; silhouetted critters scurry as we come near. We are silent; our world is silent; on the precipice of change. It's to be our last night together. You have been deployed.

Silver moon waning
all below is quickening
leaving life to chance


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