Sunday, April 17, 2016


If I could speak with you
call you forward from the ether,
that I might join your circle
and speak of grace,
that you would anoint
me with it's blessings.
The grace of charm
that I would never walk alone
The grace of beauty
so that I would not offend
But more than these, 
although they would assist in no
small measure in our hedonistic
that you would grant me creativity,
an ability to see, to hear, to feel, to sing,
To transpose to paper
the elements of peace
bringing hope
to a world gone


Charities, known in Greek mythology as The Three Graces, goddesses of such things as charm, beauty and creativity
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hedgewitch has challenged us with:
"The idea of three can appear in any form and
in any association in your poem, as long as
you incorporate the number as a meaningful
element of your piece."

Day 17


  1. lovely, the way you presented this myth, giving it life credence and inspiration for our world today

    Thanks for the note, i was a little bit puzzled. now its all clear

    much love...

  2. Just beautiful. Love all the elements of three you've included.

  3. This is beautiful.. no doubt to possess their wondrous traits would be a delight!

  4. These are beautiful things to ask for...Peace, oh if I had the words that could bring it..

  5. Oh to be graced like that and be part in making what's fallow graceful.

  6. I love that your poem reads like a prayer. I'm going to read it aloud again. Maybe the Charities will hear me, too... ♥

  7. Yes! I felt myself joining to echo this as I read along.

  8. This is a wonderful supplication to the three graces. We could all do with their help now and then.

  9. "that I might join your circle
    and speak of grace,
    that you would anoint
    me with it's blessings."

    I love this.

  10. I was wondering if anyone would explore the three graces, who for centuries were really a potent symbol, and exemplify how splitting things into three aspects magnifies rather than diminishes each part--this is both eloquent of all three archaic graces, splendor, grace and good cheer, while making its own triad of what may be most important to us in the here and now, both in symbol and in flesh. Thank you for writing such a lovely piece for the prompt.